the Council Building

The Council Building is a large, round building in the Basin of Bastion which serves as a headquarters and meeting place for the Bastion Council.

The building outwardly resembles a shorter, roofed Coliseum. Made of now-smooth sandstone, the bottom of the building is a featureless round wall save for a single set of huge oaken doors facing to the south. Above the featureless wall and below the roof, dozens of sculptures decorate the building. Each is a life-size representation of a Bastion resident doing something. For example, there are elven wizards bending over podiums contemplating their magics, dwarven smiths at the forge, and orc farmers tilling fields.

Inside, the building is a single, enormous circular room. The room is barren except for several rows of stone bleachers at the far edges of the room and a stone table in the center.

When the council meets, two guards stand at the entrance to the building and two stand by the council. Only the area around the council’s table is lit, leaving most of the building in deep shadow.

the Council Building

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