Church of Ahti

One of two major religious organizations in Bastion, alongside the Church of Cormilious. See Bastion Mythology.

The Temple of Ahti is made of rouch, angular slabs of sandstone piled into a huge, rectangular building. Inside is a statue depicting Ahti, a powerfully built individual 20 feet tall, fist clenched and upraised, atop a pile of rubble. Small rooms to the sides of the main atrium house sleeping quarters for high-ranking clerics. Worship of Ahti mainly consists of nonsensical, guttural chanting in what is either gibberish or some forgotten tongue. Clerics may not cast Create Water in the temple, and instead do so directly into the nearby aqueducts.

Previously headed by Father Geralt.

Father Padrief is the head Cleric of Ahti. Liam Bronzeborn is also influential in the church.

Church of Ahti

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