Bastion Mythology

This creation story is well known in Bastion and interpreted slightly differently by the Church of Ahti and the Church of Cormilious.

Years ago, the clerics tell us, Ahti beheld a great ordered nothingness in the center of all the planes and brought into being the Storm, a great maelstrom which cleaved from the elemental planes earth and wind and water and coalesced them into a fearsome vortex. Where once was void, Ahti crafted the material plane, a great disk of chaos and power.

Cormilious, seeing existence brought to the central void of the planes, saw Ahti’s Storm as purposeless—defiling the purity of nothingness which some beings revered without creating anything complex or good. Being a lesser god than Ahti, Cormilious waited for eons for Ahti to turn his eye from the Storm. Cormilious then reached down and with a single, deft touch of divine power (for he had calculated this specific movement through countless ages), unbalanced the Storm. The earth and sand shifted and compacted into the ground, the wind calmed into wholesome air, the waters flowed gently from the sky and the ground, and from Cormilious himself was imparted a great sphere of good energy which became the Sun.

There emerged from the earth, the air, and the water the races—human, gnome, Halfling, elf, orc, and dwarf. And these races were blessed by Cormilious, though the sun, with life.

Ahti turned back to his Storm and saw what Cormilious had done, though he knew not that it was Cormilious who had done it. Angry that his chaos had been perverted by order and life, Ahti began to revert the material plane back to the Storm. And Cormilious threw himself in front of Ahti, begging that he show mercy on the races. Ahti struck down Cormilious, but as Cormilious perished he infused his spirit into the ground and the sky and the sun, and created with his last movement a great earthen bowl in the very center of the Storm. This enormous structure would serve as the only refuge for the races from the ferocity of the Storm—the Bastion of all life, unconquerable by Ahti’s wrath.

Bastion Mythology

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