Dwarven Barbarian


Female Dwarf Barbarian 2
Chaotic Good
Age: 86.33

Strength 18 +4 Size Medium
Dexterity 16 +3 Height 4’0"
Constitution 12 +1 Weight 210 lb.
Intelligence 10 +0 Eyes Brown
Wisdom 9 -1 Hair Dark Brown
Charisma 6 -2 Skin Brown
Initiative +3 HP 24
Fort +4 AC 17 (10+3 dex+4 scale mail)
Reflex +3 Touch AC 13
Will +1 Flat-Footed 14
Attack (Handheld) +6 Speed 30
Attack (Missile) +5
Grapple +6


  • Power Attack

Lasts for 3 + (improved) Con modifier rounds. This is 6 rounds for Redwynn.
1/day until level 4.
Gives +4 Str and +4 Con at the cost of -2 AC, no delicate/concentration tasks.
These bonuses have been applied to the stats below, but also may add +2 to any Str or Con skills

Strength 22 +6 Size Medium
Dexterity 16 +3 Height 4’0"
Constitution 16 +3 Weight 210 lb.
Intelligence 10 +0 Eyes Brown
Wisdom 9 -1 Hair Dark Brown
Charisma 6 -2 Skin Brown
Initiative +3 HP 28
Fort +6 AC 15 (10+3 dex+4 scale mai-2 ragel)
Reflex +3 Touch AC 11
Will +1 Flat-Footed 12
Attack (Handheld) +8 Speed 30
Attack (Missile) +5
Grapple +8

Born a Sandforge, Redwynn has been living in the slopes and working as a freelance stonemason, taking jobs from people who seek her out or occasionally working with other stonemasons. She’s branched out from the Sandforge clan. Although she still keeps in contact with several members of the clan, specifically her cousins Gremwell and Hadley, and respects them as a whole, she prefers to live in solitude. The main reason she distanced herself was to separate herself from her mother,Nadrid, and her mother’s associates. Redwynn strongly disapproves of the council’s ways. When not working, Redwynn usually retires to a cave within the Scar, which requires a bit of a climb to get to. In this cave, she’s hoarded quite a few books; it’s important to her that she’s well read as most people assume she isn’t even literate. She also enjoys writing poetry during her stays in the cave, although it’s not very good. Once when in the scar she came across an elderly, yet spry, elf namedCinder. Cinder told her she was on the run and considering leaving Bastion but had no way to do so. Although not the most hospitable person, Redwynn knew what it was like to want to get away from others, and offered to let her stay in her cave for a time. Rewynn considered them close acquaintances. Cinder told her about her granddaughter, Bricksy, and asked if Redwynn could possibly check in on her to make sure she was following the advice she left her. Redwynn made no promises but decided to keep an eye out for her. Cinder eventually left the cave, using advice Redwynn gave her to find a route she could climb out of Bastion. Redwynn went about her life, until she heard that a bard named Bricksy had recently passed away, and decided to investigate.


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