Fashad Arkana

Whisper Gnome Roofer


Man of the Arkana household, a family of roofers who have passed the business down since Fashad’s grandfather Alth Arkana began developing new ways to create more permanent and beautiful clay-shingle roofs.

4’00" with a tousled head of black hair and faintly lined face. Generally has a serious demeanor, but gives those subtle smiles to his childeren from time to time. A proud worker.

His son Threan Arkana is his apprentice, nearly matching his father’s expertise.

Has been worried about his daughter Kowski Bronwyn Arkana. An occasional note from her, as well as knowing that she is a competent but secretive individual, has let him continue caring for the rest of his family without too much stress.

Husband of Bella Bemrin Arkana.

Father of Raven Arkana, Threan Arkana, Kine Arkana, Billian Arkana, and Kowski Bronwyn Arkana.


Fashad Arkana

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