Anihalis the Unborn

Wild Elf Druid


Male Elven Druid 3
Chaotic Neutral
With Animal Companion Logan

Strength 15 +2 Size Medium
Dexterity 20 +5 Height 4’9"
Constitution 11 +0 Weight 120 lb.
Intelligence 11 +0 Eyes Brown
Wisdom 17 +3 Hair Silver Wavy, Beardless
Charisma 10 +0 Skin Tan
Initiative +7 HP 23
Fort +3 AC 13 (10+3 hide armor+4 dex in armorl-1 aggressive)
Reflex +5 Touch AC 13
Will +6 Flat-Footed 14
Attack (Handheld) +4 Speed 20
Attack (Missile) +7
Grapple +4


  • Spell Focus (Conjuration)
  • Augment Summoning

Unable to remember anything beyond four years ago, Anihalis found solace in the honest animals of the psuedowilds.

Anihalis was mentored by fellow druid Sermonia, who died a year ago.

Logan the gray wolf is Anihalis’ faithful companion, and always eager to serve his master, though he sometimes misunderstands his instructions.

Anihalis has worked as a mercenary for the past year, having worked briefly with Nadrid Sandforge, Gravel Grimstone, and Father Padrief to take care of beast problems and advise on how to grow crops more effectively. His nature magic has been a boon to terrace farmers, as since Sermonia’s passing the crops have not been as fruitful as they were before.


Anihalis the Unborn

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