Bastion and Beyond

10-15-16 Session

Ressurecting Lily

After Lily’s death, the group came together to acquire the 2000 gp necessary to pay for her resurrection by the Church of Pelor.

Ser Torvin and Halia went to Rhamud‘s potion shop to sell some of the divine scrolls provided by Lady Brennora Ravnica. They then visited Adelgrim to sell Lily’s Handy Haversack. After extensive negotiations, it was not sold.

Keziah went to the southern city wall, where the Arcana Association of Greavica had constructed scaffolding around Druustya’s Pride in order conduct a thorough investigation of its enchantments. Keziah was paid to testify about his experiences with the ship and demonstrate how it could be flown. A receipt for the purchase of two slaves, a human male and a gnome female, by House Rhamatil was found.

Anihalis and Ludviare Everyman sought out Lady Yvette. The streets were full of a procession of soldiers returning from battling ogres and giants on the western border of Greavica. Anihalis met Hagar’s father. In a barracks courtyard where the soldiers were being processed they found Lady Yvette. Yvette said that money had been set aside to revive individuals who fell while part of a Party for the Greavican Good, and that the clerics would likely recognize Lily. Yvette wrote a note clarifying the situation and sent Anihalis and Ludviare on their ways.

Ludviare Everyman went to the House of the Whirling Glyph. He was greeted by Sabretha, who he convinced to blindfold him and lead him to Rey Satra. Rey Satra failed to recognize Ludviare, but did allow him to sign on to work analyzing the airship for the day. Ludviare spent some time reading Rey Satra’s book, Halflings and Human-Centric Societies.

A visit to the Temple of Pelor revealed the clerics were busy with wounded soldiers. Additionally, two of the diamonds set aside for Lily’s resurrection had been stolen. In their place was left a note telling the group to return to the ruins where Lily was killed to retrieve them.

A group of five soldiers was hired to aid the party for the night: Cale, Dodd, Dungarth, Vencia, and Taran, apparently a group of good friends willing to work the night for 10 gp apiece plus the first 10gp apiece of any loot.

As night fell, Anihalis and Ludviare investigated the ruins, discovering a circle of runes and a trapped door (fire runes) into the ground. Destroying the runic circle triggered a collapse of part of the underlying tunnels. Beyond the door were more traps, including a box which when opened felled Anihalis with cold energy.

The group and the soldiers staked out the area for hours uneventfully. Eventually a ghoul rose up from a tree stump and was quickly defeated.

Eventually, everyone but two soldiers, Halia, and Ser Torvin headed down into what was evidently an ancient basement. Past the traps was a room with two corpses sitting in chairs—the tiefling whom Halia had killed the night before, and a red-haired elf whom Ser Torvin later recognized as the woman who had accompanied Endian Plaingaze to speak with him. In the hands of the elf were the two diamonds.

The elf awakened as a ghast, and a ghoul rose from a box in a corner. They were dispatched, and the diamonds were recovered. A book tied to the elf’s belt was also recovered, with unknown writing in it and a charcoal-scrawled note in the back signed “You can have them. A life for a life, but I come out ahead. -Carmela”.

The party paid the soldier and went to resurrect Lily. Anihalis contributed by allowing Victor to cuddle with Lily and then spreading the blood of a bird on her face. Ludviare attempted to play appropriate music on a nearby piano, but alas, the piano was out of tune and in fact impeded the ritual. Ser Torvin and Halia successfully petitioned Heironious and Lily for her safe return to the living. Lily was reawakened (rolled a 7; modified DC of 6).


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