This page discusses the Sandforge Clan, an influential Dwarven family in Bastion, as well as the Sandforge Sector in which the Sandforge Clan is based.

The Family

The Sandforge clan has existed for as long as anyone can remember, predating most reputable Bastion historical texts. Clan lore has it that when Cormilious created the races he made two dwarves, one of the sand and sun and one of the air and water. The first dwarf was hardworking and built the first buildings in Bastion, earning the name Sandforge. The second was lazy and perished in the harsh elements.

By tradition, the Sandforge name kept and passed down over any other name. Being willing to forego the Sandforge name symbolizes rejection of the clan. Redwynn, daughter of the current Lady and Lord of the clan, is a particularly notable example of this.


Though Sandforge hierarchy is very strict, the privileges or authorities each station conveys are not formalized and can change from generation to generation. In general, however, Sandforges have an immense respect for their Matriarch or Patriarch, and those of high standing have the final say in disputes, clanwide policies, and whatever issues the individual in question takes an interest in.

The Sandforges are lead by a High Matriarch or Patriarch. The current High Matriarch is Nadrid Sandforge. The Matriarch/Patriarch and his/her spouse are referred to as Lady and Lord Sandforge.

The heads of other privilidged Sandforge families are reffered to as Masters and Mistresses.
All other families are lead by Clansmen and Clanswomen. Those who are not the head of a family—meaning that their parents are dead, and they posess childeren and/or grandchildren—have no special title.

Clan Insignia

The Sandforge insignia is an upright hammer in front of three broad, diagonal stripes of color: Red, Green, and Blue; all over a field of gold. The Hammer represents the clan’s productivity and accomplishments; the Red is its power; the Green its virility; and the Blue its provision for its people and the people of Bastion; and the Gold its honorable heritage.

Some Sandforge Dwarves


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