A quick reference for important or often-used rules, including house rules.

Character Creation and Death

Character classes and races are approved by the DM.

House rules:

When a player creates a new character, that character come in at the previous character’s level minus 1/2 level.

The first character created by a player is rolled as follows:

  1. Role 5d6, drop the lowest two dice. Do this six times.
  2. Replace the second highest roll with an 18.
  3. Assign to ability scores as desired.

The second character created by a player is created similarly, but with 4d6 drop lowest one instead of 5d6 drop lowest two.

Subsequent characters are rolled as follows:

  1. Role 4d6, drop lowest one. Assign to Strength.
  2. Role 4d6, drop lowest one. Assign to Dexterity.
  3. Role 4d6, drop lowest one. Assign to Constitution.
  4. Role 4d6, drop lowest one. Assign to Intelligence.
  5. Role 4d6, drop lowest one. Assign to Wisdom.
  6. Role 4d6, drop lowest one. Assign to Charisma
  7. Replace second-highest ability score with an 18.

Death and Dying:
At 0 hp, a you are “disabled,” that is, barely conscious. You may make one move or one standard action per round, and anything strenuous results in 1 hp of damage, putting you at -1.
And -1 to -9 hp, you are unconscious and dying.
While dying, you have a (house rule) 20% chance each round of stabilizing. Until you stabilize, you lose 1 hp per round.
Once stabilized, you have a 20% chance each hour of becoming disabled (0 hp). Otherwise you lose 1 hp.
A DC 15 Heal check or any amount of healing stabilizes a dying character.

Rounding and Ties

Always round down. Damage and hit dice have a minimum of 1.

Attacker wins AC ties; you need not exceed the AC. Same with skill and saving throw DCs.


House rules.

Level up between games.

You may choose at each level whether to roll for HP or take the average hit die, rounded down.

In lieu of experience, you gain Stars. It takes five more stars to reach a level than it did the level before it: Five to 2nd, Ten to 3rd, 15 to 4th, etc. For rules purposes, stars are worth 200 XP each.

Stars are awarded for defeating enemies, roleplaying, doing epic stuff, doing helpful stuff, having a thought-out plan, strategy, or goal, and other things.

Star Chart:

Level Stars to Next Level
1 5
2 10
3 15
4 20
5 25
6 30
7 35
8 40
9 45
10 50

Resting and HP Gain

House rule: Double the suggested healing from resting. Characters heal 2 hp per hit die per night’s rest or 4 hp per hit die per day of bed rest. 1 point of ability damage/night, 2/day of bed rest.

Additional Rules


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