A wedge of the terraces allotted enough water to allow wilderness-like growth.

Interspersed with more aqueducts than most other areas of the terraces, the psuedowilds are preserved so as to provide a habitat for plants and animals which are difficult to cultivate or raise otherwise. Plants such as cacao beans, bananas, firebud, and dragon’s tooth, as well as animals such as bears, vipers, and many birds can be harvested for culinary, alchemical, or magical use.

The psuedowilds are perhaps the most dangerous area of Bastion. The terrace farmers which maintain the psuedowilds and harvest from it tend to make slightly more money than more mundane farmers. The psuedowilds have housed some rangers and druids as well, such as Content Not Found: anihilous-the-unborn and Concrete.

The party encountered some enraged baboons here.


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