Parties for the Greavican Good

A recent initiative by Henriot the King to combat issues with Lesser Greavica, Kobold threats, Ogre threats, and more delicate political problems with Drasnalia and the Lanthindan Confederacy.

To solve issues which Greavica’s army would not be suitable for, and to allay the issue of that army being stretched across all borders of Greavica, small groups of more diversely talented individuals are assembled. Such groups often contain a spellcaster, someone with martial prowess, and someone skilled in subterfuge and stealth. These groups can deal with anything from a small Kobold invasion to performing espionage on political threats, and are generally kept secret.

Parties for the Greavican Good are required to sign a runic contract obliging them to complete their given mission and not implicate or endanger Greavica. They also choose a name for their group which is signed on this contract.

Alumerel Songsteel, Anihalis the Unborn, Prussia, Kowski Bronwyn Arkana, and Redwynn became a Party for the Greavican Good under the name of Bricksy’s Will. They were tasked with retrieving the Elemental Brazier of Water from the Drasnalian Outpost in the Lowland Jungle.

Parties for the Greavican Good

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