Haunted House

Disclaimer: Not necessarily haunted. The players call it the Haunted House, not the NPCs.

The Haunted House is an old, tall, wooden building in the Basin. Once painted a striking blue color, the paint is faded and chipped. A small patio in front frames a boarded-up door to match the boarded-up windows.

Once used to house magical artifacts, the house was boarded up about three hundred years ago for reasons lost to posterity. Many theorize that a forbidden magical experiment or some sort of infestation may have been to blame.

The party found two viable entrances: a back window and the front door, the door’s boarding being secretly hinged.

The first floor houses a broom closet and latrine; the former held dehydrated bodies and the latter held some magical oddments. Two violet Shrieker fungi guard the stairwells.

A trapdoor beneath the rug leads to a cellar formerly housing an owlbear skeleton, since killed by the party. Behind the owlbear skeleton’s post was an extremely long tunnel, down which the party encountered three darkmantles which killed Bricksy.

A rickety, dangerous wraparound deck can be accessed through a circular window atop the stairs.

The building looks noticeably taller on the outside.

Haunted House

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