Guns, Gunsmithing and Bullets

Rapid Reload (Firearms)

This feat is taken for a specific type of ranged weapon—crossbows, bows, for firearms. It reduces full-round reloading to a standard action, standard-action reloading to a move action, and move-action reloading to a free action.

Prussia’s Rapid Reload lets her reload her gun as a move action.

Misfires and Breaking

Rolling in the misfire range of a weapon makes it broken. A broken gun has -2 to attack and damage rolls, only crits on a natural 20, and only does x2 critical damage. A broken gun has +2 misfire rate for Gunslingers and +4 misfire for all others.

A broken gun that misfires explodes, ruining the gun and dealing damage to those around it (DC 12 reflex half). A magical gun does not explode but cannot fire any more.

Guns, Gunsmithing and Bullets

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