Fighting Ring Caves

The Fighting Ring is a cave in the Scar in Bastion’s Terraces. Located higher and nearer to the edge of Bastion than most respectable folk would care to go, the entrance is simply hidden behind a somewhat conspicuous slab of slate.

Inside is a short passageway leading to a larger cavern housing a fighting ring about a foot lower than the surrounding ground. The party discovered this ring to actually be an enormous wooden platform which could be lifted to reveal a network of caves below.

Underneath the fighting ring the party found mining supplies and several connected rooms. In each, a miner was clearing dirt and rubble from a wall to reveal Bastion’s sandstone bowl. The party killed a half-orc miner as well as Vigor the orc, one-shotted by Kowski. They then encountered aDwarven woman near death after killing a choker.

The party discovered a small room containing a chest with an unidentified creature as well as an undead rat. Behind a tapestry depicting the power of Ahti was trapped secret passageway.

Former fighting champion Kolba was killed by the party after he lured them into the cave.

Liam Bronzeborn was seen running the fighting ring and taking bets, and later returned to encounter the party while in the garb of a Cleric of Ahti.

After reporting their findings to the council, the Peacekeepers took control of the area, finding many dehydrated bodies within the caverns and accidentally unleashing the zombie camel. Some of the party met Garner, Selina, and Jeff.

Fighting Ring Caves

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