Druustya's Pride

This ship appears to be a sailing ship, but with an unorthodox sail system and four crystals mounted on its outside. It was owned by Druustya Ifrith, Druustya Zith, and Druustya Srakk and used for the transport of slaves from across Haldjas Gerrian to Bloodwealth for sale.

This airship is constructed of light-as-air soarwood and powered by air elementals psionically bound in crystals mounted around the ship. These elementals interact with the stationary sail on the ship’s mast, causing sections of it to billow out with no discernible wind present.

It was invisible while under the control of the Druustya family, but became visible upon the slaying of Druustya Ifrith.

Taken by Ludviare Everyman, Keziah Bastur, Halia, and Lily and then appropriated by Standing Greavica.

Druustya's Pride

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