Church of Cormilious

One of the two major religious orders in Bastion, along with the Church of Ahti. See Bastion Mythology.


The Temple of Cormilious is an elegant marble building. A long central room terminates in a rounded end, where and abstract stature representing the humanoid races stands. This 20 ft. stature is made up of elegant curves, with no discernible features. Around the statue runs part of an aqueduct, into which the clerics of Cormilious are encouraged to use Create Water spells. Hallways to either side of this main room contain doors to storage rooms, small prayer rooms, dormitories, and a kitchen.


The Church of Cormilious takes in Bastion children to be raised as Cloistered Clerics. These children are encourage to practice their faith daily through create water spells and through activities with one another, learning to accept without reservation all of Cormilious’ races.

When the church’s leadership believes a Cloistered cleric has reached a certain level of maturity, they sent on a quest to interact with the rest of Bastion, taking in the both the daily tragedies which people face and the wonder of life. Sometimes these quests are very specific; more often the cleric is simply turned out of the temple and told to find their own way.

After this quest, if the cleric has grown strong enough, they are granted the title of Independent Cleric and gifted a Morningstar of Cormilious. They may still make use of the Temple’s facilities, but are no longer restricted to the temple.


Most religious Bastion residents worship Cormilious rather than Ahti.

Father Phillip Regantic is the Head Cleric of the Church of Cormilious.

Lady Verena is the cleric responsible for taking care of the Cloistered Clerics.

Church of Cormilious

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