Calendar of Haldjas Gerrian

Most major civilizations in or around Haldjas Gerrian use a twelve-month calendar that approximately matches the agricultural year. Each month is divided into six weeks of five days each.

The months are:

  1. Deepwinter
  2. Claw of Winter
  3. Claw of Sunsets
  4. Claw of Storms
  5. The Melting
  6. Flowertime
  7. Summertide
  8. Highsun
  9. The Fading
  10. Leaffall
  11. The Rotting
  12. The Drawing Down

The days of the week are simply called First-Day, Second-Day, Third-Day, Fourth-Day, and Fifth-Day.

An example date would be “Third Fourth-Day of Deepwinter” or “Second First-Day of the Claw of Storms.”

Years are not particularly relevant to most individuals. The average farmer or artisan may keep track of his birthday and anniversary, but not what year it is, specifically. The academics and historians who do care about calendar years have to reconcile many local customs, often counting years from the founding of a city-state. Those who wish for more universal clarity will count years from the Great Chaos. It is currently somewhere between 3,000 and 3,025 years since the Great Chaos, depending on who you ask.

Calendar of Haldjas Gerrian

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