Bastion Council

The Bastion Council is the ruling body of Bastion. It generally meets in the Council Building.


The Council is currently made up of five members:


Bastion inhabitants generally cooperate out of necessity. The Council exists partly to uphold basic laws and, through the Bastion Peacekeepers, bring justice to criminals. Theoretically, the authority of the council is sovereign.

The primary purpose of the council is either to maintain and infrastructure for the distribution of key resources like water, or to maintain an oppressive magic-using upper class, depending on who you ask. Whatever complaints are lodged against the council, Bastion has been at peace for over a thousand years, and someone dying of dehydration is a rare occurrence indeed.

The Council uses a universal tax to maintain the aqueducts and bureaucracy. While there is no strict regulation on each individual’s use of water, those suspected to be using more than necessary are confronted by representatives of the Council, and certain water-intensive crops require a permit to grow.

Bastion Council

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