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  • Lowland Jungles

    Thick jungles to the northwest of [[Greater Greavica | Greavica]] on [[Haldjas Gerrian | Haldjas Gerrian]]. Used to be considered part of the forests of [[Ehlonna's Penninsula | Ehlonna's Penninsula]], now borders the Desert of Ehlonna's Neglect to its …

  • Nerroth Pass

    A deep pass in the [[K'Parque Mountians | K'Parque Mountians]] connecting the [[Greater Greavica | Greavican]] countryside to the [[Lowland Jungles | Lowland Jungles]].

  • Nickad

    A continent to the west of [[Haldjas Gerrian | Haldjas Gerrian]]. Its southeastern coast and land is claimed by [[Drasnalia | Drasnalia]]. There are orc populations on the northern islands.

  • MaelIIkar

    A great continent to the southeast of [[Haldjas Gerrian | Haldjas Gerrian]], beyond [[Lostmaela | Lostmaela]], the [[Origen Sea | Origen Sea]] and [[Tyriok's Sea | Tyriok's Sea]]. The southwest tip of the continent is home to an unusual number of Orc …

  • Dundrin

    A continent to the south of [[Haldjas Gerrian | Haldjas Gerrian]]. Home of the [[Vargach-Teschen | Vargach-Teschen]] empire, which stretched across most of northern Dundrin.

  • Nechast

    An area in southern [[Dundrin | Dundrin]] notable for its large, organized populations of Orcs, Bugbears, and Hobgoblins. While the Orc populations tend to be nomadic, large agricultural establishments also exist. [[:ludviare-everyman | Ludviare …

  • Origen Sea

    An expanse of water between [[Haldjas Gerrian | Haldjas Gerrian]], [[Lostmaela | Lostmaela]], and [[Dundrin | Dundrin]]. A great amount of trade occurred across the sea before the [[Great Chaos | Great Chaos]]. Now trade is diminished but not …

  • Tyriok's Sea

    An expanse of water between [[Dundrin | Dundrin]], [[MaelIIkar | MaelIIkar]], and [[Lostmaela | Lostmaela]]. Named after the cartographer [[:tyriok | Tyriok]], who lived thousands of years ago.

  • Southern Sea

    An expanse of water to the east of [[Dundrin | Dundrin]] and south of [[MaelIIkar | MaelIIkar]] and [[Tyriok's Sea | Tyriok's Sea]].

  • Kirret Sea

    An expanse of water between [[Nickad | Nickad]], [[Haldjas Gerrian | Haldjas Gerrian]], and [[Dundrin | Dundrin]].

  • Saltspit Road

    A road stretching from [[Drasnalia | Contingent Drasnalia]], through the [[Lanthindan Confederacy | Lanthindan Confederacy]], to [[Saltspit Mining Co. | Saltspit]], and on to [[Sveltland | Sveltland]]. The primary trade route across Haldjas-Gerrian, …

  • Lush Strait

    A strait between [[Haldjas Gerrian | Haldjas Gerrian]] and [[Dundrin | Dundrin]], specifically, between [[Ehlonna's Penninsula | Ehlonna's Penninsula]] and northern [[Vargach-Teschen | Vargach-Teschen]]. Connects the [[Origen Sea | Origen Sea]] to the …

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