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  • Nickad

    A continent to the west of [[Haldjas Gerrian | Haldjas Gerrian]]. Its southeastern coast and land is claimed by [[Drasnalia | Drasnalia]]. There are orc populations on the northern islands.

  • MaelIIkar

    A great continent to the southeast of [[Haldjas Gerrian | Haldjas Gerrian]], beyond [[Lostmaela | Lostmaela]], the [[Origen Sea | Origen Sea]] and [[Tyriok's Sea | Tyriok's Sea]]. The southwest tip of the continent is home to an unusual number of Orc …

  • Dundrin

    A continent to the south of [[Haldjas Gerrian | Haldjas Gerrian]]. Home of the [[Vargach-Teschen | Vargach-Teschen]] empire, which stretched across most of northern Dundrin.

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