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  • Grumce

    The mother of [[:groomy | Groomy]]. Doesn't like to talk about her late husband, who passed away in the same sandstorm night which created [[The Scar | the Scar]]. Tries to [[:concrete-the-deep | Concrete]] for watching out for Groomy. Recently …

  • Noorgak

    Noorgak came from a farming family in the slopes. Unlike most half-orcs, his parents actually lived together, though they did not officially marry due to society frowning on the interracial couple. Upon inheriting a drum from an uncle, Noorgak became …

  • Vigor

    The son of [[:halfred-and-ghorza | Halfred and Ghorza]]. [[:concrete-the-deep | Concrete]] knew Vigor to be a great help to his parents in farming carrots, though he was involved in some of the unscrupulous activities which attract many of the poor …

  • Alog

    This Orc male is a farmer in the Terraces and knows [[:grumce | Grumce]]. His farm consists of mostly grain, and last time Concrete spoke with him he was trying to upgrade his Sandshields.

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