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1/22/16 Session Notes
Bricksy's Will and Niveen's Hut

Concrete, having spent a full day (Fourth-Day Second-Week) dealing with Psuedowilds creatures driven out by the rain, rests in the McCobblestone house.

Prussia had spent the day experimenting with her gun and helping Froove recover from the water.

Meanwhile, Kowski, Bricksy, Anihalis and Alumerel investigated the Haunted House. After defeating an Owlbear Skeleton, the group ventured into a subterranean tunnel the skeleton had been guarding. After hours of dark travel, they encountered three Darkmantles. During a chaotic encounter made more difficult by the darkness and treacherous underground terrain, Bricksy was strangled to death. Fending off the remaining Darkmantles, Kowski, Anihalis, and Alumerel carried their fallen companion back to the surface, narrowly evading detection in the basement.

When they emerged, it was Fifth-day midmorning. They encountered Prussia, carrying some springs for Froove, on the way to the McCobblestone house. At the house they reunited with Concrete and shared the tragic news of Bricksy’s death. A search of the house revealed Bricksy’s Will. The instructed poker game resulted in Alumerel receiving most of Bricksy’s possessions and Kowski owning the house.

The group gave Bricksy’s body to Bracklyn Goodfellow to be prepared for burial, deciding against an expensive custom-made coffin.

Redwynn, a Dwarven Barbarian from the Scar, felt a sense of foreboding. Speaking with Bracklyn, one of her contacts in the Slopes, she realized that the half-elven body he had received was that of Bricksy. Having promised toCinder McCobblestone to look out for Bricksy, Redwynn found the party at the McCobblestone/Arkana house and joined them.

That night, Anihalis continued to train Logan to hide, deciding that another week’s training would be necessary. Kowski made her way toJudd Fitz to look for a better crossbow and some crossbow bolts.

Going to retrieve Bricksy the next day, an uneasy Bracklyn told them he was no longer in possession of her body. A Zone of Truth spell from Alumerel helped reveal that he had sold the body to Niveen Ninru’in. Bracklyn tried to make the party promise not to soil his professional name, and gave them double their money back.

Prussia knew where Niveen’s place of work was. The party made their way to a log hut in the Terraces. As Prussia kept watch, the rest of the party expored the hut and the large, basement-like “dehydration” chamber beneath it. A trapped bureau revealed much gold and a magical stone. The dehydration chamber was hundreds of yards long with dozens of sandstone slabs for bodies, all vacant. The tarp on the ceiling for collecting moisture looked to be made of skin like that of the aberrations (Chokers and Darkmantles) the party had encountered. Kowski grabbed masterwork dehydration tools.

The party retreated back to Kowski’s new house.

02-08-16 Session Notes


02-18-16 Session Notes


  • Kowski arrives, a little ripe, at her new house after exploring the city and checking up on her family.
  • Kowski notes the rules to her house
  • Alumerel scribes her first scroll
  • Alumerel, Kowski, and Redwynn receive a telepathic message from Syrlis Meriel. They meet her at Kiiral Seedrin‘s house. While she’s introverted, she turns out to know much about the party and has been an advisor/telepathic help to Kiiral and Father Phillip Regantic.
  • Kiiral has the Brazier
  • While leaving Syrlis, Kowski, Redwynn, and Alumerel encounter a petty halfling thief who Redwynn accidentally kills with a cobblestone. A confused guard is summoned to deal with the body.
  • The thief had two purses, one belonged to the son of Fulk Knotwise, the other to Nadrid Sandforge.
  • Nadrid and Cainly give the party mundane supplies at The Camel’s Hump; there is Redwynn-Nadrid tension.
  • Kowski gets a haircut from Fulk Knotwise and an owlbear skeleton tattoo from Thrasur Caskan.
Subterranean Venturing and Killing Shatterpeak
  • Taryn Littlefoot is found to be missing from the Sunsand Children’s Home, taken by a charismatic halfling with brilliant golden eyes, alleging to be her brother. Such a halfling has not been heard of in Bastion. Syrlis Meriel is unable to psionically isolate him.
  • Anihalis and Redwynn duel in the street to test Anihalis’ wooden sword.
  • The group stops by Redwynn’s cave to drop off Concrete “Stanley”.
  • The group fights a giant mantis lurking in the cave out of Bastion.
  • The group treks for days through the subterranean cave, evading Darkmantles.
    *Encountering a chasm, Kowski and Concrete scout out a ledge beneath the group. They witness the blue dragon Shatterpeak kill a Grick, and are soon fending off its lighting breath. Both Concrete and Kowski fall unconscious during the battle, with other group members swinging down the chasm to join the fight. Prussia, handing down from a rope, Crits on Shatterpeak and explodes his skull.
03-07-16 Session
Kobold Village, Fishing, and an Ambiguously Named Camel
  • The group finishes looting Shatterpeak’s lair, foregoing textiles in favor of gold and some magical oddments.
  • With some difficulty, the group crosses a 15 to 20 foot wide chasm. Logan then digs through the soil around them.
  • They emerge in the Kobold village of Totrek, situated around a spring. It is abandoned and barren of most anything useful, save for some trade papers showing their cooperation with some “Githyanki” beings.
  • They fish. A lot.
  • Anihalis and Redwynn fight some scorpions while the rest sleep.
03-14-16 Session Notes
Hyenas, Pirate Ships, and a Prince
  • The party headed north, running from the expanding sandstorm centered around Bastion.
  • The party endured the blistering elements.
  • The party encountered and killed a pack of Hyenas.
  • The party saw a floating ship heading east.
  • Party entered the forest and encountered Sir Malcolm and Lady Yvette, who were skeptical of the group, claiming they were trespassing on land owned by Greater Greavica.
End-Of-Semester Status
Fighting Ogres, Staying in Standing Greavica

As the party was escorted eastwards by Sir Malcolm and Lady Yvette, they were approached at night by an Ogre. It was killed, but its bretheren subsequently ambushed the party in Nerroth Pass.

The fight against three Ogres was difficult, largely due to having to scale the cliff walls to reach the ogres who were throwing stones down at the group. The group prevailed, with Sir Malcolm getting the final blow on the last Ogre with a lucky arrow shot.

Sir Malcolm and Lady Yvette now seemed more trusting, and welcomed the group as guests to Standing Greavica. There they met Henriot the King, Lady Miriella, the butler Ellurin, their guard and guide Zalto. During dinner, the group met Tiberious Stormwind. King Henriot informed them of Greavica’s recent purchase of Drasnalia’s Lowland Jungles holdings. They also discussed Bastion’s existence, its beliefs, and the state of the outside world since the Great Chaos.

The Elemental Relics were discussed, and the team enlisted to escort Tiberious back to his teleportation circle in the Lowland Jungles and retrieve from those jungles the Elemental Rod of Water.

There was drama as Redwynn and Kowski fought to flirt with Yvette, shoving to get a seat next to her. Redwynn offered Yvette some of her pudding, which Yvette declined but snuck a bite of when Redwynn was looking away.

08-24-16 Session: Finale
Taking Out Tiberious and Jirahd; Saving Bastion

Alumerel Songsteel, Anihalis the Unborn, Prussia, Kowski Bronwyn Arkana, and Redwynn were summoned by Henriot the King. They were asked to become a Party for the Greavican Good, and did so reluctantly. Anihalis in particular bluffed that he could not sign the arcane contract, and was instead divinely associated with the contract by a Cleric of Pelor.

Bricksy’s Will was tasked with retrieving the Brazier of Water from the Drasnalian outpost in the Lowland Jungles, which Greavica had bought for the express purpose of gaining the artifact. Though it was suspected that Drasnalia knew there was an artifact in the area, Greavica believed it to be in a mine near the outpost. The groups alibi would be escorting Tiberious Stormwind to the outpost in order to transport himself back to Drasnalia via transportation sigil.

On the way, Prussia stopped at Frindleworth’s Fabulous Fabrications to purchase some shot for her guns, as well as purchasing a pneumatic rifle of Rhyndalwyn design.

During their travels they were surrounded by gnolls, who were soon dispatched. They were held in place by an entangle spell from Anihilous and all four were killed. Logan was sent ahead to find where they had come from.

Upon reaching the keep, Kowski snuck up to the open front door. Gnoll tracks were on the floor of an apparently abandoned building. Jirahd Stormwind was found mostly dead besides a destroyed gnoll in a back room besides the Brazier of Water. Alumerel healed him.

The party split up to explore, eventually finding themselves on the circular observation deck on the roof, where the transportation sigil was located. They killed the gnolls and lion-headed, hyena-bodied creation who lay in ambush there.

Realizing that the party intended to take the brazier, Jirahd used an obsidian, silver skull-tipped staff to blast them. The party attempted to subdue Jirahd and Tiberious, knocking out Jirahd despite his darkness spell. Tiberious used spider climb to go through a secrete passage and head to the brazier room. Tiberious utilized an illusion of a lion-headed beast, many magic missiles, flaming hands, and the brazier itself to nearly kill many in the party. At one point Anihalis, Alumerel, and Redwyn were all unconscious in the Brazier chamber. Kowski sneaking after Tiberious and Prussia remaining alive were key to the parties eventual victory.

Logan had killed some gnolls attempting to climb onto the observation deck and was soon discovered, and was used to transport the two unconscious elves and the Brazier back to Standing Greavica.

Though an unconscious diplomat and arcane experimenter put Greavica in an awkward diplomatic situation, Greavican clerics were able to use the brazier to cease the rain in Basion. Kiiral Seedrin, Concrete “Stanley”, and many other Bastion native survived, though the waters had risen into the slopes by that time.

Alumerel continued her search for the truth about Cormilious.

Anihalis continued to search for the truth about his past, confiding in Jirahd’s staff. (When he attempted to use it during the battle, it mentally instructed him to search for him “on the underside of everything, and behind every shadow”.)

Prussia went back to Bastion to help restructure the Bastion Peacekeepers.

09-02-16 Session
Searching for Sorin Ravnica Orzhov IV

Ser Torvin, Lily, and Halia have been by Sorin Ravnica Orzhov III to find his son, Sorin Ravnica Orzhov IV. Ser Torvin and Sorin III had met in Striggin, where Sorin was briefly Lord Bacchus’s head guard. Lily and Halia joined Ser Torvin in a Party for the Greavican Good with the purpose of rescuing Sorin IV.

Sorin IV had been sent on his coming-of-age quest, as was tradition in the Orzhov family. Upon reaching his 20th birthday, Sorin IV was driven out to the town of Barley Cross and dropped off to explore the world and perform an act of valiance before returning to be knighted. This occurred on the 2nd fourth-day of Flowertime, more than a month ago, and he has not been heard from since.

The three adventurers found Barley Cross to be crowded with people stranded there. Apparently Kobolds had begun to say siege to the town a little more than a month ago, ambushing people on their way in or out of the town. They’d allowed many people to enter the town, but sometimes stole their wares as they did so, and always stole farmer’s grain as they attempted to leave town towards Standing Greavica. As a result, the Thresher’s Respite is full and there are a lot of unhappy farmers about.

The three briefly encountered Keziah Bastur and Ludviare Everyman before revealing their mission to Anlow Bilger. Anlow introduced them to Anihalis the Chaotic, who had arrived in town a few days earlier. Anlow revealed that the Kobolds had taken over a nearby tower, a crumbling relic from before the Great Chaos. Sorin had gone to the tower with Anlow’s friend Stos to rescue Cubble.

Ser Torvin, Halia, Lily, and Anihalis headed to the tower, joined by Ludviare, who just wanted to rescue the ale which the kobolds had stolen. They encountered Keziah mid-ritual, absorbing the soul of a slain kobold for his patron, Eltab. Unsettling as this was, they were soon distracted by a kobold ambush.

As the ambush was dealt with, Ludviare snuck away. He killed a kobold himself and discovered an old well disguising a secret passage into underground kobold chambers. Exploring, he heard kobolds discussing some great ale and saw a storage room of broken-down carts. In the dark, he found a knotted rope and began climbing upwards into the tower proper.

The rest of the party went in the front door of the tower, triggering a trap and exploring the first floor. They found much grain, a few gold pieces, and two books—one of them evidently a kobold spellbook.


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