Bastion and Beyond

End-Of-Semester Status
Fighting Ogres, Staying in Standing Greavica

As the party was escorted eastwards by Sir Malcolm and Lady Yvette, they were approached at night by an Ogre. It was killed, but its bretheren subsequently ambushed the party in Nerroth Pass.

The fight against three Ogres was difficult, largely due to having to scale the cliff walls to reach the ogres who were throwing stones down at the group. The group prevailed, with Sir Malcolm getting the final blow on the last Ogre with a lucky arrow shot.

Sir Malcolm and Lady Yvette now seemed more trusting, and welcomed the group as guests to Standing Greavica. There they met Henriot the King, Lady Miriella, the butler Ellurin, their guard and guide Zalto. During dinner, the group met Tiberious Stormwind. King Henriot informed them of Greavica’s recent purchase of Drasnalia’s Lowland Jungles holdings. They also discussed Bastion’s existence, its beliefs, and the state of the outside world since the Great Chaos.

The Elemental Relics were discussed, and the team enlisted to escort Tiberious back to his teleportation circle in the Lowland Jungles and retrieve from those jungles the Elemental Rod of Water.

There was drama as Redwynn and Kowski fought to flirt with Yvette, shoving to get a seat next to her. Redwynn offered Yvette some of her pudding, which Yvette declined but snuck a bite of when Redwynn was looking away.

08-24-16 Session: Finale
Taking Out Tiberious and Jirahd; Saving Bastion

Alumerel Songsteel, Anihalis the Unborn, Prussia, Kowski Bronwyn Arkana, and Redwynn were summoned by Henriot the King. They were asked to become a Party for the Greavican Good, and did so reluctantly. Anihalis in particular bluffed that he could not sign the arcane contract, and was instead divinely associated with the contract by a Cleric of Pelor.

Bricksy’s Will was tasked with retrieving the Brazier of Water from the Drasnalian outpost in the Lowland Jungles, which Greavica had bought for the express purpose of gaining the artifact. Though it was suspected that Drasnalia knew there was an artifact in the area, Greavica believed it to be in a mine near the outpost. The groups alibi would be escorting Tiberious Stormwind to the outpost in order to transport himself back to Drasnalia via transportation sigil.

On the way, Prussia stopped at Frindleworth’s Fabulous Fabrications to purchase some shot for her guns, as well as purchasing a pneumatic rifle of Rhyndalwyn design.

During their travels they were surrounded by gnolls, who were soon dispatched. They were held in place by an entangle spell from Anihilous and all four were killed. Logan was sent ahead to find where they had come from.

Upon reaching the keep, Kowski snuck up to the open front door. Gnoll tracks were on the floor of an apparently abandoned building. Jirahd Stormwind was found mostly dead besides a destroyed gnoll in a back room besides the Brazier of Water. Alumerel healed him.

The party split up to explore, eventually finding themselves on the circular observation deck on the roof, where the transportation sigil was located. They killed the gnolls and lion-headed, hyena-bodied creation who lay in ambush there.

Realizing that the party intended to take the brazier, Jirahd used an obsidian, silver skull-tipped staff to blast them. The party attempted to subdue Jirahd and Tiberious, knocking out Jirahd despite his darkness spell. Tiberious used spider climb to go through a secrete passage and head to the brazier room. Tiberious utilized an illusion of a lion-headed beast, many magic missiles, flaming hands, and the brazier itself to nearly kill many in the party. At one point Anihalis, Alumerel, and Redwyn were all unconscious in the Brazier chamber. Kowski sneaking after Tiberious and Prussia remaining alive were key to the parties eventual victory.

Logan had killed some gnolls attempting to climb onto the observation deck and was soon discovered, and was used to transport the two unconscious elves and the Brazier back to Standing Greavica.

Though an unconscious diplomat and arcane experimenter put Greavica in an awkward diplomatic situation, Greavican clerics were able to use the brazier to cease the rain in Basion. Kiiral Seedrin, Concrete “Stanley”, and many other Bastion native survived, though the waters had risen into the slopes by that time.

Alumerel continued her search for the truth about Cormilious.

Anihalis continued to search for the truth about his past, confiding in Jirahd’s staff. (When he attempted to use it during the battle, it mentally instructed him to search for him “on the underside of everything, and behind every shadow”.)

Prussia went back to Bastion to help restructure the Bastion Peacekeepers.

09-02-16 Session
Searching for Sorin Ravnica Orzhov IV

Ser Torvin, Lily, and Halia have been by Sorin Ravnica Orzhov III to find his son, Sorin Ravnica Orzhov IV. Ser Torvin and Sorin III had met in Striggin, where Sorin was briefly Lord Bacchus’s head guard. Lily and Halia joined Ser Torvin in a Party for the Greavican Good with the purpose of rescuing Sorin IV.

Sorin IV had been sent on his coming-of-age quest, as was tradition in the Orzhov family. Upon reaching his 20th birthday, Sorin IV was driven out to the town of Barley Cross and dropped off to explore the world and perform an act of valiance before returning to be knighted. This occurred on the 2nd fourth-day of Flowertime, more than a month ago, and he has not been heard from since.

The three adventurers found Barley Cross to be crowded with people stranded there. Apparently Kobolds had begun to say siege to the town a little more than a month ago, ambushing people on their way in or out of the town. They’d allowed many people to enter the town, but sometimes stole their wares as they did so, and always stole farmer’s grain as they attempted to leave town towards Standing Greavica. As a result, the Thresher’s Respite is full and there are a lot of unhappy farmers about.

The three briefly encountered Keziah Bastur and Ludviare Everyman before revealing their mission to Anlow Bilger. Anlow introduced them to Anihalis the Chaotic, who had arrived in town a few days earlier. Anlow revealed that the Kobolds had taken over a nearby tower, a crumbling relic from before the Great Chaos. Sorin had gone to the tower with Anlow’s friend Stos to rescue Cubble.

Ser Torvin, Halia, Lily, and Anihalis headed to the tower, joined by Ludviare, who just wanted to rescue the ale which the kobolds had stolen. They encountered Keziah mid-ritual, absorbing the soul of a slain kobold for his patron, Eltab. Unsettling as this was, they were soon distracted by a kobold ambush.

As the ambush was dealt with, Ludviare snuck away. He killed a kobold himself and discovered an old well disguising a secret passage into underground kobold chambers. Exploring, he heard kobolds discussing some great ale and saw a storage room of broken-down carts. In the dark, he found a knotted rope and began climbing upwards into the tower proper.

The rest of the party went in the front door of the tower, triggering a trap and exploring the first floor. They found much grain, a few gold pieces, and two books—one of them evidently a kobold spellbook.

09-09-16 Session
Entering the Kobold's Tower

Ser Torvin, Halia, Lily, Anihalis, and Keziah Bastur entered the first floor of the tower, only to be surprised with Kobold dart traps. Exploring the first floor revealed a wealth of grain as well as a Kobold spellbook and a book of Elvish poetry.

Battle broke out as Ludviare Everyman climbed up into a hidden room, surprising the kobolds who were waiting there to ambush the group. Ludviare attempted to intimidate them and threw one down the shaft he had just climbed out of. The other party members joined in the fray shortly, with Keziah and Anihalis taking care of some monsterous spiders in another closet-like room.

Everyone except Ludviare, who was too busy reading the book of elvish poetry, went up to the second floor. They discovered more traps, some Kobold bedding, and the room of a Githyanki.

The kobolds dropped two Acid Blobs on the party. There was a tense and frustrating battle, temporarily felling several, before the oozes were defeated. In the process Ser Torvin’s blade, the Knightly Defender, was ruined, its blade corroded by the Acid Blob.

The group opted to rest for the night , leaving time for Kobolds to reset traps. They awoke to see the Githyanki Srakk standing across from their appropriated room, inviting them to give themselves up and become slaves.

09-16-16 Session
Saviors of Barley Cross

Though the Githyanki Srakk claimed the group would make good slaves, the group objected and promptly attacked. Though Srakk’s blade was formidable, the group quickly subdued Srakk and killed or scared off the kobolds.

The group found the faun Stos locked in the top level of the tower. The emaciated fey had come to the tower a month ago in search of his brother Cubble, accompanied by Sorin Ravnica Orzhov IV and a few other individuals. Cubble, Sorin, and at least two other individuals had since been taken away, leaving Cubble locked up.

Srakk was, in the course of the next day, interrogated several times. He revealed that his siblings, Druustya Ifrith and Druustya Zith, had stationed him here to supervise the kobolds in capturing slaves and grain which Ifrith and Zith would pick up every week to two weeks and sell in Bloodwealth.

The group headed back to Barley Cross and told the farmers there about the tower and how it was likely still dangerous, eventually combining Ser Torvin’s persuasion and Keziah’s intimidation to convince everyone to wait untill the following morning to reclaim their grain.

The next day, they reclaimed their grain.

The day after, third fourth-day of Summertide, Ser Torvin and Anihalis the Unborn began the two-day trek back to Standing Greavica to put Srakk on trial. The Ludviare Everyman read in Barley Cross, while Keziah Bastur, Halia, and Lily prepared to meet the Druustya slavers at the tower. Halia an Lily hid in the tower as Keziah attempted to convince Druustya Ifrith that he would make a valuable partner and explain away the empty tower and lack of slaves therein. Ifrith didn’t buy it and flew away with Keziah in their invisible airship.

09-23-16 Session
Taking the Airship and Meeting Old Friends

Ser Torvin, Crusader of Justice and Anihalis the Unborn met a group of human travelers heading to Barley Cross, lead by Yoratari Warntharp. Despite detecting Yoratari’s evil nature, Ser Torvin and Anihalis let them pass and continued to Standing Greavica.

Meanwhile, Lily and Halia pursued the invisible airship that has absconded with Keziah Bastur. They were joined by a few human farmers as well as Tedrik Grosky, heading down the road to Standing Greavica a day behind Ser Torvin and Anihalis. Ludviare Everyman used the last of his ale to put the farmers of Barley Cross in better spirits before joining on this journey.

Ser Torvin and Anihalis arrived back in Standing Greavica. Anihalis’ connections with Sir Malcolm came into play, as they went to the palace and informed the prince of the slaving in Barley Cross. They sent for Sorin Ravnica Orzhov III, who was glad to see Ser Torvin, his former student, but devastated to learn that his son, Sorin Ravnica Orzhov IV, was likely already a slave in Bloodwealth or Vargach-Teschen. Srakk was interrogated by Ser Torvin, Anihalis, and Sorin III, and assured them that his siblings would come to rescue him.

Meanwhile Srakk’s siblings, Druustya Ifrith and Druustya Zith, and stopped their airship halfway to Standing Greavica to meet Yoratari Warntharp. Yoratari had been leading the group of humans into a trap; they though they were being escorted to Barley Cross to investigate the disappearance of their family members, while really Yoratari was selling them into slavery.

Keziah had met his fellow prisoners in the airship; the halflings Luke, Jinnly, and Eldon, as well as two Dire Rabbits of theirs. Luck was able to pick their locks, and they planned to break out in the night and kill a Githyanki.

After Yoratari sold the slaves and purchased a Dire Rabbit, Lily, Halia, and Ludviare approached the invisible ship. When Druustya Zith came out to tie them up, Ludviare cast Control Rope, binding Zith’s forearms. A fierce combat between the incapacitated Zith, the powerful Ifrith, and the group ensued. Keziah and Luke freed all the slaves, who ran off towards Standing Greavica. Ifrith’s powerful crystal rays nearly killed several individuals, but in the end she was gutted by Halia.

At the end of the session, Yoratari was long gone chasing after her dire rabbit, the humans were running off, Keziah was on the deck unconscious, Halia had gutted Ifrith, and Zith was still tied up.

Ser Torvin investigated how he could reforge the The Knightly Defender before realizing his prohibitive lack of funds and breaking off the corroded blade, leaving a dagger.

09-30-16 Session
Airships and Executions

Keziah Bastur, Lily, and Halia looted and buried the slain Druustya Ifrith before attempting to navigate the airship back to Standing Greavica with Druustya Zith and the book-engrossed Ludviare Everyman aboard. Lily discovered that the ship ispowered by four air elementals who must be mentally bested in order to control the ship

That morning Ser Torvin was visited by a brown-haired human woman calling herself Endian Plaingaze who warned him that Symeil Zhinda was a Lesser Greavican mole, not the ambassador from Brodrigu. Endian was joined by a red-haired elven woman.

Farmers who had seen the ship on the road reported its presence to Standing Greavica. Sir Malcolm was notified as he discussed Symeil with Anihalis the Chaotic and Ser Torvin, Crusader of Justice. (Sorin Ravnica Orzhov III had apparently already left the city for Garen’s Port.) While Lady Yvette rounded up some inexperienced trainees to defend the city, Anihalis and Ser Torvin, along with the half-orc mage Milo ran out of the city to find the ship. Though no one could get on the ship as Keziah struggled to keep it near the ground and not crashing into the city, Keziah eventually landed the craft, despite it getting it by a fireball from Milo. The ship was put in the custody of the city under the care of Yvette and her soldiers.

Lily tried to sell Crimson Sand during the night, trading one vial on a street corner for an obsidian dagger.

The next day, Druustya Srakk and Druustya Zith were executed via a public beheading after being found guilty in trial.

10-07-16 Session
The Pursuit of Symeil

After the execution of Srakk and Druustya Zith, Keziah Bastur was seen heading into the executioner’s cabin.

The rest of the party stayed in the execution square to discuss their plan of action. Ludviare Everyman butted in to remind the party that they should take back their airship. Others wished to search for Sorin Ravnica Orzhov IV or head to Sveltland or Brodrigu to investigate Symeil Zhinda, alleged Lesser Greavican spy impersonating a Brodrigu ambassador.

Anihalis spotted a half-elf woman observing them from behind a nearby food cart. When she left, Anihalis pursued her, only for her to evade his grasp and flee, invisible, down an ally. Anihalis and Logan pursued, and Logan returned with a scrap of cloth from her cloak.

The group, sans Keziah, headed to the palace and were ushered in by a half-orc woman. Sir Malcolm was, apparently, expecting them.

Sir Malcolm met them in the (redecorated) Red Room. However, Ser Torvin noted a strangeness in his gait, and strand of blond hair, and surmised that it was an imposter.

The listened to false Sir Malcolm discuss how the matter of Symeil Zhinda, the ambassador who was allegedly a spy from Lesser Greavica. Sir Malcom claimed to have cleared up the matter, it was a misunderstanding, and Ser Torvin had been lied to or pranked.

The discussion of Symeil continued. Ludviare Everyman talked back to Sir Malcolm so much that he was sent out. The half-orc guard attempted to put him in a dungeon cell, only to have him tumble away.

Sir Malcolm insisted that the group focus on Sorin, not Symeil. Anihalis detected the illusion and abjuration magic Symeil was using, and he and Ser Torvin revealed the imposter. A confusing struggle ensued, with many illusory Sir Malcolms being produced and wards set by Symeil alerting guards to come and investigate, even as Ludviare made his way back up from the dungeon behind them.

Eventually Symeil’s disguise was revealed, she was restrained, and the guards sent for Lady Yvette and Garmul. Yvette revealed that the prince had been sent on an espionage mission earlier that day. Symeil had disguised herself as Sir Malcolm, told the guards to be on alert, and had wanted to get Ser Torvin off her trail.

Yvette agreed that in three days the airship would be ready and the group could use it to catch up with Sorin Ravnica Orzhov III and/or Sir Malcolm in Garen’s Port. Ludviare, though not Greavican, was encouraged to seek out Rey Satra in the House of the Whirling Glyph to be officially appointed an Adjunct Researcher of Greavica. He would then be permitted to accompany the group on the airship.

That night, Lily, followed by Halia, attempted to sneak off and sell the remaining Crimson Sand she had taken from the airship. She was lured behind a crumbling wall by a old woman, and then ambushed by a roguish individual and a tiefling. Halia stepped in, injured the old lady, who hobbled away, and killed the tiefling. The rogue girl threatened to kill Lily, then ran off. Lily died as Halia tried unsuccessfully to stabilize her.

Meanwhile, Ser Torvin had stopped at the Ravnica estate and received four scrolls from a weeping Lady Brennora Ravnica, one of which was a scroll of reincarnation. Ser Torvin promised to bring Lady Brennora’s husband and sun back alive.

Halia left Lily in the care of the Church of Pelor.

Anihalis snuck into Ser Torvin’s room during the night to steal the scroll of Reincarnate and raise Lily. Ser Torvin met Anihalis in the temple and talked Anihalis into instead finding money to Ressurect Lily.

10-15-16 Session
Ressurecting Lily

After Lily’s death, the group came together to acquire the 2000 gp necessary to pay for her resurrection by the Church of Pelor.

Ser Torvin and Halia went to Rhamud‘s potion shop to sell some of the divine scrolls provided by Lady Brennora Ravnica. They then visited Adelgrim to sell Lily’s Handy Haversack. After extensive negotiations, it was not sold.

Keziah went to the southern city wall, where the Arcana Association of Greavica had constructed scaffolding around Druustya’s Pride in order conduct a thorough investigation of its enchantments. Keziah was paid to testify about his experiences with the ship and demonstrate how it could be flown. A receipt for the purchase of two slaves, a human male and a gnome female, by House Rhamatil was found.

Anihalis and Ludviare Everyman sought out Lady Yvette. The streets were full of a procession of soldiers returning from battling ogres and giants on the western border of Greavica. Anihalis met Hagar’s father. In a barracks courtyard where the soldiers were being processed they found Lady Yvette. Yvette said that money had been set aside to revive individuals who fell while part of a Party for the Greavican Good, and that the clerics would likely recognize Lily. Yvette wrote a note clarifying the situation and sent Anihalis and Ludviare on their ways.

Ludviare Everyman went to the House of the Whirling Glyph. He was greeted by Sabretha, who he convinced to blindfold him and lead him to Rey Satra. Rey Satra failed to recognize Ludviare, but did allow him to sign on to work analyzing the airship for the day. Ludviare spent some time reading Rey Satra’s book, Halflings and Human-Centric Societies.

A visit to the Temple of Pelor revealed the clerics were busy with wounded soldiers. Additionally, two of the diamonds set aside for Lily’s resurrection had been stolen. In their place was left a note telling the group to return to the ruins where Lily was killed to retrieve them.

A group of five soldiers was hired to aid the party for the night: Cale, Dodd, Dungarth, Vencia, and Taran, apparently a group of good friends willing to work the night for 10 gp apiece plus the first 10gp apiece of any loot.

As night fell, Anihalis and Ludviare investigated the ruins, discovering a circle of runes and a trapped door (fire runes) into the ground. Destroying the runic circle triggered a collapse of part of the underlying tunnels. Beyond the door were more traps, including a box which when opened felled Anihalis with cold energy.

The group and the soldiers staked out the area for hours uneventfully. Eventually a ghoul rose up from a tree stump and was quickly defeated.

Eventually, everyone but two soldiers, Halia, and Ser Torvin headed down into what was evidently an ancient basement. Past the traps was a room with two corpses sitting in chairs—the tiefling whom Halia had killed the night before, and a red-haired elf whom Ser Torvin later recognized as the woman who had accompanied Endian Plaingaze to speak with him. In the hands of the elf were the two diamonds.

The elf awakened as a ghast, and a ghoul rose from a box in a corner. They were dispatched, and the diamonds were recovered. A book tied to the elf’s belt was also recovered, with unknown writing in it and a charcoal-scrawled note in the back signed “You can have them. A life for a life, but I come out ahead. -Carmela”.

The party paid the soldier and went to resurrect Lily. Anihalis contributed by allowing Victor to cuddle with Lily and then spreading the blood of a bird on her face. Ludviare attempted to play appropriate music on a nearby piano, but alas, the piano was out of tune and in fact impeded the ritual. Ser Torvin and Halia successfully petitioned Heironious and Lily for her safe return to the living. Lily was reawakened (rolled a 7; modified DC of 6).

10-19-16 Session
Finally Flying

Having successfully resurrected Lily, the party took a well-earned nights rest; except for Ludviare Everyman, who stayed up trying to decipher the book found on the elven ghast’s body.

The next day:

  • Keziah Bastur commissioned some chain mail with the emblem of Teschen from Gavin Myle.
  • Ser Torvin, Crusader of Justice went back to Adelgrim to identify the pendant of Ehlonna found on the elf’s body.
  • Ser Torvin purchased gauntlets from Gavin and was warned to be careful wielding the Githyanki bastard sword.
  • Ludviare went to see Rey Satra and be signed on for an eight-week adjunct research fellow for the House of the Whirling Glyph, responsible for anthropological and sociological research of whatever societies the airship brought him to for a recompense of 60 gp/week.
  • Ludviare investigated the creation of a rope gun to fire rope which he could then animate. Gavin Myle directed him to A. C. Frindleworth of Frindleworth’s Fabulous Fabrications. Frindleworth was eager to sell trinkets, particularly a crank-powered teamaker. Though Ludviare lacked any funds for a commission, he did propose the name Kurig for the teamaker.
  • Keziah interrupted Ludviare to fund the rope-shooter and purchase a Frindleworth Kurig with 10 tea canisters- 8 welded, 2 hinged.
  • Halia spent time with the +1 pistol taken from Druustya Zith, training to become proficient in the weapon.
  • Lily recovered from being dead.
  • Anihalis picked up women.

Lady Yvette met the party in the Truename Tigress Inn in the evening and had the party (sans Anihalis) sign on as a new Party for the Greavican Good. Their responsibility is to find Sorin Ravnica Orzhov IV and return him to Greavica safely, if possible. Ser Torvin was placed as head of the group. They were entrusted with the airship, which the group renamed the Roc of Valor. The group was christened the League of Extraordinary Upholders of Justice. 10 day’s provisions were provided, and 2,500 gp per person promised upon completion of the quest.

Lady Yvette knew of Ariel Izebeen, whose name was in the elf’s book; she was a member of the Druidic Council of the Lowland Jungles. The druidic council was last known to be negotiating with mining towns such as Steingrave.

Keziah handles the ship and sailed a 101 feet above the fields from Standing Greavica to Garen’s Port, where the group landed the ship behind a warehouse (paying a group of young men 3 gp for the privilege). A talk with Markus Reeves revealed that Sorin Ravnica Orzhov III had set sail for Bloodwealth two days prior. The party drank some tea offered by Markus’ assistant Thulduhr and sailed on their way.

The group followed the coast westward. Halia became sickened: the tea had been poisoned with arsenic.

Two days from Garen’s Port, the end of the K’Parque Mountians were passed. Two hill giants threw rocks at the ship from the cliff faces. Though Keziah managed to steer the ship past them, the right hull of the ship was badly damaged, with gaping holes exposing the lower deck.

Eight days of travel later, on the second-day of Highsun, a blue dragon was spotted flying rapidly towards the ship. It attacked the party, first flying near and using its electric breath, then landing on the ship and using physical blows. Ser Torvin blessed the party, Lily used Ray of Enfeeblement to sap the dragon’s strength, Ludviare maneuvered the ship to the dragon’s disadvantage, Halia used bombards, her gun, and her crossbow, and Keziah swept in with his mace and Eldrich Blast. Many fell, but none died, and eventually the wounded dragon took off and flew away from the ship into the desert.

After a day’s sailing and rest, the ship was landed by a highway into Bloodwealth behind a sand dune. A lizardfolk individual approaches the ship…


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