Syrlis Meriel

Elf Seer


Tall for an elf, Syrlis has pale, nearly pupil-less eyes, long ears, and while hair that falls, straight, down her back to her waist. She tends to wear flowing robes of pale greys and blues.

Syrlis tends to be soft-spoken and only speak when necessary. She’s friendly, but often distant.


Syrlis is the only known person in Bastion to harness powers of the mind to create magic-like effects. Even so, only a few talented arcanists have heard of her, and only Father Phillip Regantic and Kiiral Seedrin know her personally and understand the extent of her clairsentient powers.

Kiiral is a kind of patron to Syrlis, though they would instead describe it as a friendship. Syrlis lives in Kiiral’s home, with an attic space for herself and her studies. Father Regantic and Kiiral are purposeful in not taking advantage of Syrlis, but do occasionally ask for her discrete help in Council matters.

Syrlis came to Kowski’s house to alert the group to Niveen’s undead attack at the Haunted House. Syrlis telepathically contacted Lady Verena after Father Regantic’s death, telling Lady Verena of Padrief’s plans to send Alumerel on a mission outside of Bastion. Syrlis did not personally visit Verena or give Verena her name.

Syrlis Meriel

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