Half-Orc Entertainment Recruiter


Tall and pale for a half-orc, Noorgak was a gregarious and outgoing individual, always eager to swap tales and songs. Noorgak tended to dress flamboyantly but with few loose folds of fabric—those would impede his rapid movements while entertaining and dancing.


Noorgak came from a farming family in the slopes. Unlike most half-orcs, his parents actually lived together, though they did not officially marry due to society frowning on the interracial couple. Upon inheriting a drum from an uncle, Noorgak became enchanted with music, and by the time he was twenty he was proficient in several instruments. Noorgak went from free performances in Slope taverns to being hired by the Basin elite, inviting the most talented bards of Bastion to join his troup. Bricksy the Gorgeous traveled with him for a while, before he was found dead in the street one morning, a rusted dagger protruding from his back.


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