Morthir Baxter

Dwarven Arcane Weaponsmith


Morthir Baxter is a hardy dwarven man. His rough red beard rarely more than a few inches long, evidently burnt to length due to his blacksmithing. His face is somewhat bulbous.

Morthir is generally good-natured and eager to discuss magical weapons.


Morthir helped the party identity their Magical Stone of Fire. He remained oblivious to the Zombie Camel which rampaged through Bastion, even as Bricksy and Alumerel fought it outside of his shop. He did note the random child who escaped inside of his shop before returning to his work.

Though he noticed the damage which Alumerel’s mace did to the corner of his shop during said battle, Father Regantic later fixed it.

Morthir Baxter

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