Ludviare Everyman

Halfling Bard Historian, Ale Salesman, etc.


Ludviare stands at 3’2" with red eyes, white hair and pale skin.

Is a great bibliophile, and has a hard time resisting the lure of books and the written word in general.

Ludviare had a career as a historian and anthropologist, and spent time in MaelIIkar and Nechast investigating Orcish war history and battle tactics. His writing were accepted into libraries in Drasnalia, Greater Greavica, and Vargach-Teschen.

While in Nechast, Ludviare found Maenad Writings held by orc tribes. Fascinated by the new language, he attempted to publish his findings, only to be laughed out of the world of academia for trying to study a made-up or mythical language.

Ludviare then took to selling ale, and eventually ended up in Barley Cross.



Ludviare Everyman

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