Lady Verena

Human Cleric of Cormilious in Bastion


A dark-skinned, elderly human woman. Tends to wear her greying hair in braid or bun. Dresses in functional tunics and skirts simply embroidered with sunbeam patterns, typical of Ahti’s followers.


In fact older and more experienced than Father Phillip Regantic, Lady Verena has foregone several opportunities to lead the Church of Cormilious in order that she may devote for of her time for caring for the young cloistered clerics, building relationships and growing their faith. Lady Verena is highly respected and regarded as a mother to the the Church as a whole.

Tends to be impatient with Bureaucracy and secrets in particular, Verena has become head of the church temporarily after the death of Father Regantic to Niveen Ninru’in‘s undead hordes. An adviser and confidante to to Father Regantic during his life, she knew of his association with Seer and his plans to explore outside of Bastion. Verena contacted Alumerel Songsteel to tell her that Father Regantic had planned to ask her to lead an expedition outside of Bastion to find refuge from the water from the sky. Verena, Cainly, and Nadrid Sandforge have banded together to equip Alumerel’s team.

Lady Verena

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