Kiiral Seedrin

Elven Wizard Councilman


Kiiral Seedrin is a thin, elderly elf with frizzy brown hair that extends from his head in all directions. He has large grey eyes and is said to be 200 years old.

Kiiral speaks in an excited, stuttering voice.


Kiiral represents the arcanists of Bastion on the Bastion Council. He is the senior member of the council, and while the other members respect him or his intelligence and arcane knowledge, they often ignore his babbling and only tolerate his quirks.

Most arcanists think of Kiiral as their “crazy uncle.” He’s contributed more to the arcane studies than any other wizard and is passionate about about encouraging the arcane arts, so he’s considered a very successful and deserving councilman.

Kiiral’s house is two levels, each story over 15 feet tall. It is crooked, crumbling, and unadorned, held together by enchantments and arcane jerry-rigging. The first floor houses Kiiral’s workshop, library, and bedroom. Piles of papers on chairs and desks obscure most walls. A rickety wooden spiral staircase leads to the second story, half of which is strewn with arcane oddments. The other half is covered in blue cloth and an elegant bed. This minimalist area is free of clutter. Syrlis Meriel lives here, keeping the area tidy so she can better meditate and practice her psionic arts.

Kiiral is not a relationship-oriented man, generally prioritizing his studies over all else. Thus, it’s hard to decipher what opinions, if he bothers to have opinions, he holds about any given person. He enlists Froove to aid him in his research, particularly when physically intricate contraptions are called for.

Though he has no particular love of religion, Kiiral has a deep respect for Father Phillip Regantic. Kiiral took in Syrlis Meriel, giving her an area to study in his house. Despite their different personalities, they both share a passion for furthering their arcane or psionic knowledge. Syrlis’ psionic power fascinates Kiiral, as he has never before seen such a nonmagical force.

Kiiral Seedrin

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