Keziah Hastur

Human Warlock, Former Slaver


Keziah is a human male standing at 5’10" with gray eyes and wavy, black hair. He wears chain male emblazoned with the emblem of Vargach-Teschen.

Keziah used to be a Vargach-Teschen slaver, regularly transporting slaves across the Origen Sea between southern Sveltland, the Teschen city of Arazandros, the Teschen city of Kalisa, and Bloodwealth.

Keziah accepted Eltab, the Estranged Chaos, as his patron after receiving a vision of an enormous, many-horned humanoid beast standing in a cavern full of lava floes and shifting orbs of electricity. The beast called out to Keziah to kill and absorb the souls of his victims, so that the power of those trapped souls might free the Estraged Chaos. In exchange it offered Keziah eldritch power.

Over the next few years, Keziah stole the holy symbol of Ser Torvin, Crusader of Justice, and now uses it to channel the store the souls he reaps. Keziah has killed many gnolls and kobolds in the Lowland Jungles and K’Parque Mountians.

Keziah has joined with Ser Torvin and others in a Party for the Greavican Good in order to more efficiently find souls to reap.



Keziah Hastur

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