Former Elven Advisor to Lord Bacchus, now Mayor of Striggin


Glen’Talo was an advisor to Lord Bacchus in Striggin. When Lord Bacchus and his family were murdered, Glen’Talo allegedly ended up in control of Striggin.

Ser Torvin, Crusader of Justice saw Glen’Talo collecting contributions for [[Saltspit Mining Co. | Saltspit Mining Co.]] in Greater Greavica. Glen’Talo claimed to have left Striggin 15 years prior, well before the coup occured. He was accompanied by Malfier Towerfall, allegedly sent to collect donations from Greavica to aid Saltspit in its quality-of-life work. Glen’Talo claimed to have been hired by Saidi Revenmar to recruit individuals from the Sveltlands to work in Saltspit.



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