Garner Russel

Human Peacekeeper


Tall, handsome human peacekeeper with well-kept brown hair. Generally seems confident and at ease. Decent at his job, not a fan of strictly following the rules.


Content with his career as a soldier and willing to just enjoy life. A pretty social, good-natured guy.

Often paired with Selina. He’s grown fond of the gnome girl, in a detached sort of way. She’s fun to mess with, given how serious she takes everything.

Guarded the Fighting Ring Caves with Selina.

Assigned to help take care of the undead swarming from the Haunted House and enlisted to enter with Alumerel Songsteel and Anihalis the Unborn. Helped take care of some vermin and kill Niveen Ninru’in.

Held the Undead Rat for a few days after discovering it in Fighting Ring Caves. While he was fond of it, it ran off during the battle at the Haunted House after a Turn Undead from Alumerel.

Garner Russel

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