Bracklyn Goodfellow

Halfling Slopes Mortician


Nondescript halfling male. Wears his black hair tied back in a man-bun. Usually wears very loose, plain black clothing.


Bracklyn often and rapidly offers his condolences, and then immediately gets down to business, apologizing all the while. Bracklyn believes in the art of upselling, using anything and everything he can to market that custom-made coffin or more expensive preparation.

Bracklyn has worked with Redwynn in the past, selling her information or taking care of those she finds dead.

Bracklyn’s establishment is a sprawling building in the western Slopes. A sparsely furnished lobby has doors to his personal study, his “dehydration”/preparation room, and coffin storage.

His preparation room consists of four sandstone slabs on which bodies can be placed, tabled for dehydration apparatuses, and a tarp across the ceiling on which moisture collects and drains into a large glass vial in the corner.

Bracklyn Goodfellow

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