Bastion and Beyond

11-04-16 Session

Turmoil in the Dunes

Keziah Hastur, left with Victor in the airship, noted smoke rising from the desert and decided to follow the rest of the group, eventually seeing the slain Ankheg and encountering Anihalis and three House Rhamatil guards in combat.

The three guards were Durkil, a duergar man, Hussain, and Arnora. As the battle commenced, Durkil enlarged himself but was debuffed by Lily’s ray of enfeeblement. Ser Torvin and Arnora were well matched. Keziah attempted to stop the fighting, to no avail.

Eventually, Arnora was slain and Durkil and Hussain questioned by the group. Through some intense diplomacy between Durkil, Hussain, and Keziah, the guards began to lead the group back to Bloodwealth to meet with Fran’eel. When Lily and Anihalis attempted to use invisibility to escape, the paranoid Durkil struck Lily down. After a brief struggle, neither Durkil nor Hussain managed to escape to bloodwealth and were killed, their bodies disguised as if mauled by hyenas and hidden in the dunes.

The group entered Bloodwealth from the west, sans guards. Keziah and Anihalis explored the Land Docks. Anihalis searched for a purveyor of Crimson Sand and found Graylock, a Duergar individual who was willing to purchase a satchel of the substance. Anihalis inquired about a job with Graylock, and was told he was expanding his trade to Lostmaela (a continent where Crimson Sand was not yet widespread) and could use an apprentice. Graylock leaves on the 3rd First-day of Highsun.

Meanwhile, Ser Torvin and Anihalis were approached by a random Lizardfolk named Redscale, offering to meet them on the Hill of the Living by the Selling Stone at midnight if they wished to purchase his assistance and connections while getting situated in Bloodwealth.

The party purchased a room at the Bloodwealth Inn.


Obsessionist Obsessionist

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