Bastion and Beyond

10-27-16 Session

Approaching Bloodwealth

Having parked their airship behind a dune by the road from Bastion to Bloodwealth, the group were approached by Xanachis, a lizardfolk slaver, who was accompanies by a bald and angry, but silent, humanoid individual. Keziah Hastur decided to lay low, given that certain Bloodwealth individuals might recognize him.

Xanachis took an interest in the group, learning that they had overthrown and killed the Druustya siblings and believing they had taken up their slaving trade. They left towards the desert.

Ludviare Everyman piloted the ship around Bloodwealth to the seaside cliffs to the west, landing the boat in a secluded alcove. All but Keziah set out through the desert to approach Bloodwealth. After an encounter with an Ankheg, Anihalis attempted to cook the creature and ended up igniting a huge web summoned by Lily, creating a huge column of smoke.

The group encountered three Rhamatil guards at dusk as they neared Bloodwealth. Anihalis immediately attacked.


Obsessionist Obsessionist

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