Bastion and Beyond

10-19-16 Session

Finally Flying

Having successfully resurrected Lily, the party took a well-earned nights rest; except for Ludviare Everyman, who stayed up trying to decipher the book found on the elven ghast’s body.

The next day:

  • Keziah Bastur commissioned some chain mail with the emblem of Teschen from Gavin Myle.
  • Ser Torvin, Crusader of Justice went back to Adelgrim to identify the pendant of Ehlonna found on the elf’s body.
  • Ser Torvin purchased gauntlets from Gavin and was warned to be careful wielding the Githyanki bastard sword.
  • Ludviare went to see Rey Satra and be signed on for an eight-week adjunct research fellow for the House of the Whirling Glyph, responsible for anthropological and sociological research of whatever societies the airship brought him to for a recompense of 60 gp/week.
  • Ludviare investigated the creation of a rope gun to fire rope which he could then animate. Gavin Myle directed him to A. C. Frindleworth of Frindleworth’s Fabulous Fabrications. Frindleworth was eager to sell trinkets, particularly a crank-powered teamaker. Though Ludviare lacked any funds for a commission, he did propose the name Kurig for the teamaker.
  • Keziah interrupted Ludviare to fund the rope-shooter and purchase a Frindleworth Kurig with 10 tea canisters- 8 welded, 2 hinged.
  • Halia spent time with the +1 pistol taken from Druustya Zith, training to become proficient in the weapon.
  • Lily recovered from being dead.
  • Anihalis picked up women.

Lady Yvette met the party in the Truename Tigress Inn in the evening and had the party (sans Anihalis) sign on as a new Party for the Greavican Good. Their responsibility is to find Sorin Ravnica Orzhov IV and return him to Greavica safely, if possible. Ser Torvin was placed as head of the group. They were entrusted with the airship, which the group renamed the Roc of Valor. The group was christened the League of Extraordinary Upholders of Justice. 10 day’s provisions were provided, and 2,500 gp per person promised upon completion of the quest.

Lady Yvette knew of Ariel Izebeen, whose name was in the elf’s book; she was a member of the Druidic Council of the Lowland Jungles. The druidic council was last known to be negotiating with mining towns such as Steingrave.

Keziah handles the ship and sailed a 101 feet above the fields from Standing Greavica to Garen’s Port, where the group landed the ship behind a warehouse (paying a group of young men 3 gp for the privilege). A talk with Markus Reeves revealed that Sorin Ravnica Orzhov III had set sail for Bloodwealth two days prior. The party drank some tea offered by Markus’ assistant Thulduhr and sailed on their way.

The group followed the coast westward. Halia became sickened: the tea had been poisoned with arsenic.

Two days from Garen’s Port, the end of the K’Parque Mountians were passed. Two hill giants threw rocks at the ship from the cliff faces. Though Keziah managed to steer the ship past them, the right hull of the ship was badly damaged, with gaping holes exposing the lower deck.

Eight days of travel later, on the second-day of Highsun, a blue dragon was spotted flying rapidly towards the ship. It attacked the party, first flying near and using its electric breath, then landing on the ship and using physical blows. Ser Torvin blessed the party, Lily used Ray of Enfeeblement to sap the dragon’s strength, Ludviare maneuvered the ship to the dragon’s disadvantage, Halia used bombards, her gun, and her crossbow, and Keziah swept in with his mace and Eldrich Blast. Many fell, but none died, and eventually the wounded dragon took off and flew away from the ship into the desert.

After a day’s sailing and rest, the ship was landed by a highway into Bloodwealth behind a sand dune. A lizardfolk individual approaches the ship…


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