Bastion and Beyond

10-07-16 Session

The Pursuit of Symeil

After the execution of Srakk and Druustya Zith, Keziah Bastur was seen heading into the executioner’s cabin.

The rest of the party stayed in the execution square to discuss their plan of action. Ludviare Everyman butted in to remind the party that they should take back their airship. Others wished to search for Sorin Ravnica Orzhov IV or head to Sveltland or Brodrigu to investigate Symeil Zhinda, alleged Lesser Greavican spy impersonating a Brodrigu ambassador.

Anihalis spotted a half-elf woman observing them from behind a nearby food cart. When she left, Anihalis pursued her, only for her to evade his grasp and flee, invisible, down an ally. Anihalis and Logan pursued, and Logan returned with a scrap of cloth from her cloak.

The group, sans Keziah, headed to the palace and were ushered in by a half-orc woman. Sir Malcolm was, apparently, expecting them.

Sir Malcolm met them in the (redecorated) Red Room. However, Ser Torvin noted a strangeness in his gait, and strand of blond hair, and surmised that it was an imposter.

The listened to false Sir Malcolm discuss how the matter of Symeil Zhinda, the ambassador who was allegedly a spy from Lesser Greavica. Sir Malcom claimed to have cleared up the matter, it was a misunderstanding, and Ser Torvin had been lied to or pranked.

The discussion of Symeil continued. Ludviare Everyman talked back to Sir Malcolm so much that he was sent out. The half-orc guard attempted to put him in a dungeon cell, only to have him tumble away.

Sir Malcolm insisted that the group focus on Sorin, not Symeil. Anihalis detected the illusion and abjuration magic Symeil was using, and he and Ser Torvin revealed the imposter. A confusing struggle ensued, with many illusory Sir Malcolms being produced and wards set by Symeil alerting guards to come and investigate, even as Ludviare made his way back up from the dungeon behind them.

Eventually Symeil’s disguise was revealed, she was restrained, and the guards sent for Lady Yvette and Garmul. Yvette revealed that the prince had been sent on an espionage mission earlier that day. Symeil had disguised herself as Sir Malcolm, told the guards to be on alert, and had wanted to get Ser Torvin off her trail.

Yvette agreed that in three days the airship would be ready and the group could use it to catch up with Sorin Ravnica Orzhov III and/or Sir Malcolm in Garen’s Port. Ludviare, though not Greavican, was encouraged to seek out Rey Satra in the House of the Whirling Glyph to be officially appointed an Adjunct Researcher of Greavica. He would then be permitted to accompany the group on the airship.

That night, Lily, followed by Halia, attempted to sneak off and sell the remaining Crimson Sand she had taken from the airship. She was lured behind a crumbling wall by a old woman, and then ambushed by a roguish individual and a tiefling. Halia stepped in, injured the old lady, who hobbled away, and killed the tiefling. The rogue girl threatened to kill Lily, then ran off. Lily died as Halia tried unsuccessfully to stabilize her.

Meanwhile, Ser Torvin had stopped at the Ravnica estate and received four scrolls from a weeping Lady Brennora Ravnica, one of which was a scroll of reincarnation. Ser Torvin promised to bring Lady Brennora’s husband and sun back alive.

Halia left Lily in the care of the Church of Pelor.

Anihalis snuck into Ser Torvin’s room during the night to steal the scroll of Reincarnate and raise Lily. Ser Torvin met Anihalis in the temple and talked Anihalis into instead finding money to Ressurect Lily.


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