Bastion and Beyond

09-30-16 Session

Airships and Executions

Keziah Bastur, Lily, and Halia looted and buried the slain Druustya Ifrith before attempting to navigate the airship back to Standing Greavica with Druustya Zith and the book-engrossed Ludviare Everyman aboard. Lily discovered that the ship ispowered by four air elementals who must be mentally bested in order to control the ship

That morning Ser Torvin was visited by a brown-haired human woman calling herself Endian Plaingaze who warned him that Symeil Zhinda was a Lesser Greavican mole, not the ambassador from Brodrigu. Endian was joined by a red-haired elven woman.

Farmers who had seen the ship on the road reported its presence to Standing Greavica. Sir Malcolm was notified as he discussed Symeil with Anihalis the Chaotic and Ser Torvin, Crusader of Justice. (Sorin Ravnica Orzhov III had apparently already left the city for Garen’s Port.) While Lady Yvette rounded up some inexperienced trainees to defend the city, Anihalis and Ser Torvin, along with the half-orc mage Milo ran out of the city to find the ship. Though no one could get on the ship as Keziah struggled to keep it near the ground and not crashing into the city, Keziah eventually landed the craft, despite it getting it by a fireball from Milo. The ship was put in the custody of the city under the care of Yvette and her soldiers.

Lily tried to sell Crimson Sand during the night, trading one vial on a street corner for an obsidian dagger.

The next day, Druustya Srakk and Druustya Zith were executed via a public beheading after being found guilty in trial.


Obsessionist Obsessionist

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