Bastion and Beyond

09-23-16 Session

Taking the Airship and Meeting Old Friends

Ser Torvin, Crusader of Justice and Anihalis the Unborn met a group of human travelers heading to Barley Cross, lead by Yoratari Warntharp. Despite detecting Yoratari’s evil nature, Ser Torvin and Anihalis let them pass and continued to Standing Greavica.

Meanwhile, Lily and Halia pursued the invisible airship that has absconded with Keziah Bastur. They were joined by a few human farmers as well as Tedrik Grosky, heading down the road to Standing Greavica a day behind Ser Torvin and Anihalis. Ludviare Everyman used the last of his ale to put the farmers of Barley Cross in better spirits before joining on this journey.

Ser Torvin and Anihalis arrived back in Standing Greavica. Anihalis’ connections with Sir Malcolm came into play, as they went to the palace and informed the prince of the slaving in Barley Cross. They sent for Sorin Ravnica Orzhov III, who was glad to see Ser Torvin, his former student, but devastated to learn that his son, Sorin Ravnica Orzhov IV, was likely already a slave in Bloodwealth or Vargach-Teschen. Srakk was interrogated by Ser Torvin, Anihalis, and Sorin III, and assured them that his siblings would come to rescue him.

Meanwhile Srakk’s siblings, Druustya Ifrith and Druustya Zith, and stopped their airship halfway to Standing Greavica to meet Yoratari Warntharp. Yoratari had been leading the group of humans into a trap; they though they were being escorted to Barley Cross to investigate the disappearance of their family members, while really Yoratari was selling them into slavery.

Keziah had met his fellow prisoners in the airship; the halflings Luke, Jinnly, and Eldon, as well as two Dire Rabbits of theirs. Luck was able to pick their locks, and they planned to break out in the night and kill a Githyanki.

After Yoratari sold the slaves and purchased a Dire Rabbit, Lily, Halia, and Ludviare approached the invisible ship. When Druustya Zith came out to tie them up, Ludviare cast Control Rope, binding Zith’s forearms. A fierce combat between the incapacitated Zith, the powerful Ifrith, and the group ensued. Keziah and Luke freed all the slaves, who ran off towards Standing Greavica. Ifrith’s powerful crystal rays nearly killed several individuals, but in the end she was gutted by Halia.

At the end of the session, Yoratari was long gone chasing after her dire rabbit, the humans were running off, Keziah was on the deck unconscious, Halia had gutted Ifrith, and Zith was still tied up.

Ser Torvin investigated how he could reforge the The Knightly Defender before realizing his prohibitive lack of funds and breaking off the corroded blade, leaving a dagger.


Obsessionist Obsessionist

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