Bastion and Beyond

09-16-16 Session

Saviors of Barley Cross

Though the Githyanki Srakk claimed the group would make good slaves, the group objected and promptly attacked. Though Srakk’s blade was formidable, the group quickly subdued Srakk and killed or scared off the kobolds.

The group found the faun Stos locked in the top level of the tower. The emaciated fey had come to the tower a month ago in search of his brother Cubble, accompanied by Sorin Ravnica Orzhov IV and a few other individuals. Cubble, Sorin, and at least two other individuals had since been taken away, leaving Cubble locked up.

Srakk was, in the course of the next day, interrogated several times. He revealed that his siblings, Druustya Ifrith and Druustya Zith, had stationed him here to supervise the kobolds in capturing slaves and grain which Ifrith and Zith would pick up every week to two weeks and sell in Bloodwealth.

The group headed back to Barley Cross and told the farmers there about the tower and how it was likely still dangerous, eventually combining Ser Torvin’s persuasion and Keziah’s intimidation to convince everyone to wait untill the following morning to reclaim their grain.

The next day, they reclaimed their grain.

The day after, third fourth-day of Summertide, Ser Torvin and Anihalis the Unborn began the two-day trek back to Standing Greavica to put Srakk on trial. The Ludviare Everyman read in Barley Cross, while Keziah Bastur, Halia, and Lily prepared to meet the Druustya slavers at the tower. Halia an Lily hid in the tower as Keziah attempted to convince Druustya Ifrith that he would make a valuable partner and explain away the empty tower and lack of slaves therein. Ifrith didn’t buy it and flew away with Keziah in their invisible airship.


Obsessionist Obsessionist

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