Bastion and Beyond

09-09-16 Session

Entering the Kobold's Tower

Ser Torvin, Halia, Lily, Anihalis, and Keziah Bastur entered the first floor of the tower, only to be surprised with Kobold dart traps. Exploring the first floor revealed a wealth of grain as well as a Kobold spellbook and a book of Elvish poetry.

Battle broke out as Ludviare Everyman climbed up into a hidden room, surprising the kobolds who were waiting there to ambush the group. Ludviare attempted to intimidate them and threw one down the shaft he had just climbed out of. The other party members joined in the fray shortly, with Keziah and Anihalis taking care of some monsterous spiders in another closet-like room.

Everyone except Ludviare, who was too busy reading the book of elvish poetry, went up to the second floor. They discovered more traps, some Kobold bedding, and the room of a Githyanki.

The kobolds dropped two Acid Blobs on the party. There was a tense and frustrating battle, temporarily felling several, before the oozes were defeated. In the process Ser Torvin’s blade, the Knightly Defender, was ruined, its blade corroded by the Acid Blob.

The group opted to rest for the night , leaving time for Kobolds to reset traps. They awoke to see the Githyanki Srakk standing across from their appropriated room, inviting them to give themselves up and become slaves.


Obsessionist Obsessionist

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