Bastion and Beyond

09-02-16 Session

Searching for Sorin Ravnica Orzhov IV

Ser Torvin, Lily, and Halia have been by Sorin Ravnica Orzhov III to find his son, Sorin Ravnica Orzhov IV. Ser Torvin and Sorin III had met in Striggin, where Sorin was briefly Lord Bacchus’s head guard. Lily and Halia joined Ser Torvin in a Party for the Greavican Good with the purpose of rescuing Sorin IV.

Sorin IV had been sent on his coming-of-age quest, as was tradition in the Orzhov family. Upon reaching his 20th birthday, Sorin IV was driven out to the town of Barley Cross and dropped off to explore the world and perform an act of valiance before returning to be knighted. This occurred on the 2nd fourth-day of Flowertime, more than a month ago, and he has not been heard from since.

The three adventurers found Barley Cross to be crowded with people stranded there. Apparently Kobolds had begun to say siege to the town a little more than a month ago, ambushing people on their way in or out of the town. They’d allowed many people to enter the town, but sometimes stole their wares as they did so, and always stole farmer’s grain as they attempted to leave town towards Standing Greavica. As a result, the Thresher’s Respite is full and there are a lot of unhappy farmers about.

The three briefly encountered Keziah Bastur and Ludviare Everyman before revealing their mission to Anlow Bilger. Anlow introduced them to Anihalis the Chaotic, who had arrived in town a few days earlier. Anlow revealed that the Kobolds had taken over a nearby tower, a crumbling relic from before the Great Chaos. Sorin had gone to the tower with Anlow’s friend Stos to rescue Cubble.

Ser Torvin, Halia, Lily, and Anihalis headed to the tower, joined by Ludviare, who just wanted to rescue the ale which the kobolds had stolen. They encountered Keziah mid-ritual, absorbing the soul of a slain kobold for his patron, Eltab. Unsettling as this was, they were soon distracted by a kobold ambush.

As the ambush was dealt with, Ludviare snuck away. He killed a kobold himself and discovered an old well disguising a secret passage into underground kobold chambers. Exploring, he heard kobolds discussing some great ale and saw a storage room of broken-down carts. In the dark, he found a knotted rope and began climbing upwards into the tower proper.

The rest of the party went in the front door of the tower, triggering a trap and exploring the first floor. They found much grain, a few gold pieces, and two books—one of them evidently a kobold spellbook.


Obsessionist Obsessionist

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