Bastion and Beyond


Subterranean Venturing and Killing Shatterpeak

  • Taryn Littlefoot is found to be missing from the Sunsand Children’s Home, taken by a charismatic halfling with brilliant golden eyes, alleging to be her brother. Such a halfling has not been heard of in Bastion. Syrlis Meriel is unable to psionically isolate him.
  • Anihalis and Redwynn duel in the street to test Anihalis’ wooden sword.
  • The group stops by Redwynn’s cave to drop off Concrete “Stanley”.
  • The group fights a giant mantis lurking in the cave out of Bastion.
  • The group treks for days through the subterranean cave, evading Darkmantles.
    *Encountering a chasm, Kowski and Concrete scout out a ledge beneath the group. They witness the blue dragon Shatterpeak kill a Grick, and are soon fending off its lighting breath. Both Concrete and Kowski fall unconscious during the battle, with other group members swinging down the chasm to join the fight. Prussia, handing down from a rope, Crits on Shatterpeak and explodes his skull.


Obsessionist Obsessionist

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