Bastion and Beyond

02-18-16 Session Notes


  • Kowski arrives, a little ripe, at her new house after exploring the city and checking up on her family.
  • Kowski notes the rules to her house
  • Alumerel scribes her first scroll
  • Alumerel, Kowski, and Redwynn receive a telepathic message from Syrlis Meriel. They meet her at Kiiral Seedrin‘s house. While she’s introverted, she turns out to know much about the party and has been an advisor/telepathic help to Kiiral and Father Phillip Regantic.
  • Kiiral has the Brazier
  • While leaving Syrlis, Kowski, Redwynn, and Alumerel encounter a petty halfling thief who Redwynn accidentally kills with a cobblestone. A confused guard is summoned to deal with the body.
  • The thief had two purses, one belonged to the son of Fulk Knotwise, the other to Nadrid Sandforge.
  • Nadrid and Cainly give the party mundane supplies at The Camel’s Hump; there is Redwynn-Nadrid tension.
  • Kowski gets a haircut from Fulk Knotwise and an owlbear skeleton tattoo from Thrasur Caskan.


Obsessionist Obsessionist

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